Scholarship Information

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Name Status Deadline Max Award
“Aspiring Fashion Professional” Scholarship active N/A N/A district
The John M. Bailey Memorial Scholarships active 5/1 N/A district
The Milton Fisher Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity active 5/1 $20,000 district
“Aspiring Animation Professional” Scholarship Program active 6/1 1000 district
“Aspiring Pharmacy Technician” Scholarship active 6/1 $1000 district
100 Black Men of Stamford, Inc. active 4/30 $2,500 district
AAAS Minority Science Writers Internship active 2/1 N/A district
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program active 6/14 $1,000 district
Actuarial Diversity Scholarship active 5/0 $3000 district
AFSCME Family Scholarship active 12/31 $2000 district
AGC/CT Scholarship Program active 3/31 $2,500 district
AICPA Minority Accounting Students Scholarships active 3/1 N/A district
ALA – LITA/LSSI Scholarship active 3/1 $2500 district
ALA Spectrum Scholarship active 3/0 $5000 district
Allison E. Fisher Scholarship active N/A N/A district
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.- Tau Xi Omega Chapter active 4/10 N/A district
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences active 3/15 N/A district
American Italian Women of Greater New Haven active 6/1 $750 district
American Planning Association – Judith McManus Price Scholarship active 4/30 $2000 district
American Water Works Association Holly Cornell Scholarship active 1/15 $25000 district
AMS Minority Scholarships active 2/0 N/A district
AMT Student Scholarships active 4/1 $500 district
Annual Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache active 3/1 N/A district
APSA Minority Fellows Program active 10/0 N/A district
ASA Minority Fellowship Program active 1/31 $18000 district
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, New England Chapter Scholarship active 3/11 N/A district
Augustana College Circle of Courage Minority Scholarships active N/A $5000 district
AV Stout Fund Research Grants active N/A N/A district
AXA Achievement Community Scholarship active 2/1 $2500 district
AXA Achievement Scholarship in Association with U.S. News and World Report active 12/15 $25000 district
B. Davis Scholarship active 5/16 $1,000 district
Bailey Family Foundation Scholarship active 3/15 N/A district
Bank of America Student Leader Program/Application active 1/31 N/A district
Best Buy Scholarship active 2/15 N/A district
BigSun Scholarship active 6/19 N/A district
Buick Achievers Scholarship Program active 2/28 N/A district
Burger King Scholars Program active 1/10 N/A district
Calarts Dance Camera West Competition active 1/31 N/A district
Candice’s Sickle Cell Disease Scholarship active 5/6 $1500 district
CarterCares Scholarship active 3/31 $2000 district
Catharine Lealtad Scholarships active N/A $5000 district
CHET Advance Scholarship active 4/30 N/A district
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship for High School Seniors active 10/31 N/A district
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Scholarship active 3/9 $5,000 district
Connecticut Nurserymen’s Foundation, Inc. active 3/9 $5,000 district
Connex Credit Union Scholarship active 3/16 $1,000 – $2,000 district
Construction, Construction Management, Interior Design, Architecture, or Ci active 3/17 N/A district
Cornell University Summer Program active 5/2 N/A district
CSPJ Foundation Bob Eddy Scholarship Program to Foster Journalism Careers active 4/5 $2500 district
CT State USBC Association active 3/17 $1,000 district
Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship active 2/3 $1500 district
Dennis Malone Memorial Scholarship Award Program active 4/19 $1,000 district
Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award active N/A $1000 district
Dr. DeNorris D. CrosbyScholar of the Year active 3/3 N/A district
Dunkin Donuts active 3/15 $1,000 district
Edward A. Bouchet Scholarship active 3/20 $6,000 district
Edward S. Roth Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship active 2/1 N/A district
Free College Prep College Woprkshops active N/A N/A district
Furman University Summer Program active 3/15 $7,500 district
Go Red Multicultural Scholarship Fund active 12/31 N/A district
Guaranteed Scholarships active N/A N/A district
HBCU CONNECT Minority Scholarship Program active 1/31 $1,000 district
Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP) active 12/2 N/A district
HOBY active N/A N/A district
Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship active 3/3 N/A district
Horatio Alger Scholarship active 10/25 5,000 district
Howard Jennings Scholarship active N/A $500 district
International Arts and Ideas Fellowship active 12/20 N/A district
Joe Lieberman Scholarship active 4/1 N/A district
John Starks Foundation “3 Point Scholarship” active 5/1 $2000 district
Kline Family Community Service Scholarship active 4/25 $250 district
Live Out Loud Scholarship Program active 3/8 N/A district
Margaret S. Watley Scholarship active 3/15 N/A district
MetLife/National Bar Association, Region II: Dr. Martin Luther King, J active 4/18 $25,000 district
Military Commanders’ Scholarship Fund active 2/17 $5000 district
Milton Fisher Scholarship active 5/1 N/A district
Minority Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship Program active 3/3 $2,000 district
MIT Summer Program active 2/1 N/A district
Moody’s Mega Math Challenge active 2/21 $20,000 district
Most Valuable Student active 12/5 $50,000 district
Mutual Security Credit Union Scholarship Fund active 4/30 $1,000 district
NAACP Scholarship active 4/8 $1,000 district
National Commission of Cooperative Education active 2/0 N/A district
New England Counselor of Color Bridging Access to College (NECBAC) active 5/15 N/A district
New Haven County Retired Teachers Association active 4/15 $2,000 district
New Haven County Tax Collectors Scholarship active 2/21 $250 district
New Haven FAFSA active N/A N/A district
New Haven Promise active 1/30 N/A district
New Haven Rotary Club active 5/31 N/A district
New Haven Scholarship Fund active N/A N/A district
NHCSL-Comcast Scholarship Initiative for Hispanic High School students active 3/24 N/A district
Optimist International Essay Contest active 2/6 N/A district
Orthopaedic Specialty Group Education Foundation Scholarship active 4/28 2500 district
Phi Delta Kappa active 2/15 N/A district
Pre-College Summer 2014 active 1/13 N/A district
Quota International of New Haven Scholarship active 4/28 varies district
Reagan Foundation Scholarship active N/A N/A district
Roberta B. Willis Scholarship (formerly the CT Governors Scholarship) active 2/15 N/A district
Ronald McDonald House Charities African American Future Achievers active 1/21 N/A district
SCASA Memorial Scholarship active 2/3 $500 district
SCASA Memorial Scholarship active 1/27 N/A district
South Central Area Superintendentsâ„¢ Association (SCASA) Memorial Scholarshi active 3/16 1000 district
Study Abroad- Rome, Italy active 12/13 N/A district
Summer Engineering Program for Engineers active 3/1 N/A district
Summer Residential Math and Science Program for Girls active 3/1 N/A district
Super Saver Laundromat Scholarship Program active 4/1 $6,00 district
Talent Scholarship (Acting, Film, Theatre, Creative Writing, Dance) active 11/15 Varies district
The ACT High School Poster Concept Contest active 1/0 N/A district
The Connecticut Building Congress Scholarship Fund active 3/13 2000 district
The Glenn Moon Scholarship active 3/31 $2,000 district
The Governor’s Coalition for Youth with Disabilities (GCYD) scholarship active 12/20 N/A district
The Hyatt Hotels Fund for Minority Lodging Managment Students active 5/1 N/A district
THE LOOKING GLASS SCHOLARSHIP active 1/1 $1,000 district
The Middlesex County Blue Star Mothers-CT3 Gaye Zukauskas Memorial Scholars active 4/1 $300 district
The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs active 2/8 $4,000 district
The Negro Spiritual Scholarship active N/A N/A district
The Ronald McDonald Scholarship active 1/21 N/A district
The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. active N/A N/A district
The Watershed Fund active 4/4 N/A district
Theatre Directory active N/A N/A district
Thurgood Marshall College Fund active 11/30 N/A district
UConn Waterbury active 3/10 N/A district
United States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Program active 1/11 $1,000 district
Univ. of Notre Dame Leadership Seminar active 2/12 N/A district
University of Connecticut active 3/1 N/A district
Yale University Art Gallery active N/A N/A district
Yale-New Haven Hospital Martin Luther King Jr. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COM active 12/5 N/A district
Yale-New Haven Hospital/Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award active 12/6 $1,000 district
Young Latino Ambassadors Program active 4/12 N/A district