The arts program is central to the overall Co-Op curriculum, connecting the arts and academic subjects and developing students’ creativity, self-expression, communication, teamwork, and self-confidence. Training in the arts nurtures imagination, concentration, and self-discipline, all of which contribute to a positive learning climate.

Co-Op students progress through a scope and sequence of courses in their chosen “arts major” in preparation for further study at the postsecondary level. Students earn two credits per year in their arts field by spending two periods, called their “arts block,” in arts study each school day. There are 5 “art majors” at Co-Op:

  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Music (Band, Choir, and Strings)
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts

If students have satisfied their required academic and arts credits, they may choose to take electives in other arts areas.


Co-Op student must complete a capstone project during the senior year to graduate. The Senior Capstone Project is the opportunity for your child to bring four years of academic & personal experiences; as well as, coursework together by engaging in an extended project in their respective art major. The Senior Capstone Project has been a longstanding tradition of the Co-Op experience and graduation requirements. It is in this intensive project that the student chooses a topic of interest and either presents a performance piece or visual art work alongside a research presentation to the department and school. Students are provided with the necessary class time to work on the project inclusive of, but not limited to, regular library visits, studio/rehearsal time, feedback sessions and a calendar of dates for all deadlines.  Students are also required to do independent work outside of school hours to satisfy capstone requirements.

As a school, we believe that this project culminates their artistic experience at Co-Op and students that are successful in the project are prepared for higher education, workforce, or even the armed forces. We expect ALL our students to be successful in the capstone project. If a student does not pass the capstone project, it has been expected that he or she will NOT participate in the graduation activities at the end of the year.  Passing of the capstone project is a REQUIREMENT to graduate from Co-Op in addition to a student earning 29 credits and completing 40 hours of community service. Students must pass the capstone project with a grade of “76” or higher to walk at commencement as stated in the 2017-2018 Co-Op Parent/Student Handbook.