Early College Experience

UCONN Early College Experience (UCONN ECE)
UCONN ECE enables Co-Op students to take UCONN courses at Co-Op during the regular school day. These courses are taught by UCONN certified Co-Op faculty. Co-Op students in this program are registered non-degree students at UCONN. These students have full access to the UCONN library system and many technological services offered at UCONN.

Students must receive a grade of a C or higher to earn UCONN course credits. The majority of students earning these credits are usually able to transfer these credits to the college of their choice after high school graduation.


GWCC Senior Transformation Project

Co-Op created the Senior Transformation Project in 2012 in order to provide Co-Op seniors (who meet eligibility requirements), with dual high school/college credit opportunities in the social sciences.  Criminal Justice, Sociology, psychology and American Government/Civics have been offered in prior years.  Students may earn up to six college credits that appear on an official GWCC transcript during the fall and spring semester of their senior year.  The professor’s final grade for the student is carried over and represented on the Co-Op report card and transcript.

The project aims to engage seniors in their learning by affording them an authentic, challenging college experience for credit.  Students take STP courses during the school day and travel to and from the Co-Op and Gateway College campuses.  In addition to this, students are enrolled in a weekly college seminar course where a Co-Op faculty member teaches effective college study habits.

Eligibility requirements include a minimum 2.7 GPA, 90% minimum attendance rate over the first three years of high school, low tardy history and either a clean or vastly improved behavioral record dating back to the 9th grade.

Final approval for admission into STP is made at the sole discretion of the principal.


Independent Study and Seminar Program (ISSP)

ISSP supports high performing, college-bound students by providing opportunities including college courses, leadership and career workshops, and academic and artistic programs.  ISSP Coordinators work with students to find the opportunities that best fit their interests, strengths, and schedules, serving as their mentors long the way.

In ISSP’s College Before College Program, coordinators guide students as they select and register for college classes.  In addition, coordinators support students throughout their time in the college classes with weekly conferences and evaluations.  Co-Op students have taken ISSP courses at Yale, Quinnipiac, the University of New Haven, Southern Connecticut State University and Gateway Community College.

ISSP serves students who consistently excel in their studies, as well as providing incentives for all students to earn higher marks in order to take advantage of the program’s benefits.