Social Studies Department

The Social Studies Department’s Vision for Learning

An exemplary social studies education aspires to nurture the growth of human talent. The scholars, artisans, and citizens whom we aspire to shape should exhibit talents in reading, writing, and public speaking along with habits of mind that breed successful individuals. In the process, students learning in social studies will have authentic experiences in each classroom that help them learn skills that they can utilize in life.

The Social Studies program at Cooperative Arts and Humanities Magnet High School is a comprehensive collection of specially designed courses dealing with the role of man in society, past and present. All courses in the Social Studies Department draw their content from a wide variety of social science disciplines.


In addition to the requirements of the Social Studies curriculum, additional information required by Connecticut statutes will be interspersed throughout the program. Such topics as state and local politics, world events, and the U.S. Constitution have been integrated into each appropriate course at the appropriate time.