Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are established and periodically reviewed by the Connecticut State Legislature and Board of Education, the New Haven Board of Education, and Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School leadership.

Co-Op educates its students broadly, in a variety of academic disciplines, and also deeply, within an arts discipline. Students earn eight credits per year, for a total of 32 credits over four years of high school.* Each year, a Co-op student earns two credits from his or her arts major courses; the remaining six credits come from courses that are either graduation requirements or electives. As a rule, one full-year course is worth one credit, and one semester-long course is worth .5 credit.

Course distribution requirements for graduation from Co-Op are:

  • 8 credits in Fine Arts; the arts major courses fulfill this requirement
  • 4 credits in English
  • 4 credits in Mathematics
  • 3 credits in Science (note: many colleges expect 4 credits)
  • 3 credits in Social Studies, including a full year of World History, a full year of US History I or History II, and a one-semester (1/2 credit) Civics class
  • 3 credits* in World Languages, in the same language (a minimum of 2 credits, but completion of level 3 – many colleges expect 3 – 4 credits in the same language)
  • 1 credit in Physical Education
  • 1 credit in Technology Education
  • In addition to the 26/27 credits listed above, Co-op students also complete
  • 5/6 elective credits in subjects of their choice


*To graduate with a Co-Op diploma, a minimum of 29 credits is required.