Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement (often called just “AP”) is an academic program in which motivated, capable students enroll in college-paced courses taught at their high schools by specially trained instructors. AP classes are part of the regular high school day, but they also follow the college academic year by culminating in May with a standardized exam to test students’ year-long learning.

AP courses can help students acquire the skills and habits they’ll need to be successful in college. Students improve their writing, sharpen their problem-solving, and develop time management, discipline, and study habits. Most four-year colleges in the U.S. and colleges in more than 60 other countries give students credit, advanced academic standing, or both on the basis of AP exam scores.

AP classes are not for everyone; they can be extremely challenging and fast-paced. They can also require a great deal of summer work even before the class begins in the fall. At Coop, students are recommended in the spring by their current teachers for next year’s AP classes. Our goals are to encourage all Coop students to excel, to honor their aspirations, and also to support and guarantee their progress by making sure that their course selections allow them to learn at the pace appropriate for their needs and abilities.